Hudson – Against The Grain from Dropbear on Vimeo.

In our post Thanksgiving sleepy internet trek, we stumbled across this cool stop frame animation and loved it for its playfulness and color.  There is also a connection with  our previous post about architecture down under as the music in the video is produced by an artist from Melbourne named Hudson.  The animator goes by the name of VJ Dropbear.

The clip also reminds us of the time when we drew everything by hand – the hours in school spent rendering a project, surely equal to the laborious efforts that went into the making of this video.  I took a vow to try a different medium for each different studio presentation I had to produce.  In retrospect, while I can’t say that I’d recommend it, I probably wouldn’t have done it any other way save for the one late night when I was experimenting with watercolor.  I had meticulously hand drafted all my drawings with pencil onto paper.  It was close to 3 a.m. when I started to apply the watercolor.

A clue to what happened next?  Try smearing graphite on a surface and then put some water on it.  Not so swift.  Ughhhhh….beaded water droplets everywhere.  There I was, bleary eyed and not believing what I was seeing.  Suffice to say it wasn’t the prettiest presentation. A Rosarch test gone awry, if that’s possible.  Nevertheless, there was something magical about those quiet rainy nights in Seattle poring over renderings waiting to see what would unfold.  So kudos to these two collaborators for flowing together to create this piece of art, reminding us to give it a whirl and “go against the grain” from time to time.

See you soon…