A project of ours is up for sale  – no, we don’t own it!  We understand that not all of you are in the market for beachfront property in California but we thought we’d feature it here on our blog.  Stinson Beach, a beautiful crescent shaped, four mile stretch of sand, is approximately a 45 minute drive north of San Francisco. Once you’re there, be it for a day, a weekend or a week you feel as if you’re days away from the City.  The times I spent preparing to go to the beach were met with ambitious plans that sounded in my head something like this:  “I’ll read these books, I’ll go for these hikes, runs, we’ll cook these recipes, hang with family and friends.”  All in the span of a day or a weekend.  The reality was that upon walking in the door, the sofa began to whisper her sweet siren song to me that could be distilled down to this, “Get your ass over here, fall into me and ditch all those plans.”  A victim once again.  The tonic of the sea with it’s smells, sights and sounds would do a number on me essentially telling me:

S  L  O  W     D  O  W  N

My sense is that, for the most part, those days are over and instead of the sofa calling me, it’ll be our daughter, pail and shovel in hand, looking up at me with saucer sized brown eyes asking me in all her innocence, “Can we go build a castle?”.  Being in the trade, I won’t be able to resist.

We’ve done a number of projects close to the coast and have experience navigating the regulatory, design and building challenges that go along with what can be a harsh environment.  We hope you you enjoy the pictures and encourage you when possible to spend some time at the coast to slow down and experience it in all its beauty.

In health and gratitude…