Indoor Air Quality: Toxics in Your Furniture+

  Too bad our indoor air quality can’t match the pure beauty of Philip Johnson’s Glass House.  I started a...

Read More+ September 20, 2016
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Sustainability + Architecture: You, Net Zero Energy Homes + Global Cl...+

  There has been a buzz within the design and building industry about Net Zero Energy Homes and for good...

Read More+ July 9, 2016
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Get Up, Stand Up, Stand up for Your (Back) Rights. Think Seriously A...+

Let me guess, you’re sitting down while reading this. I presume many of you have had the following experience. Life...

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The Architecture of Well Being: 4 Simple Points+

  With the real estate market heating up, it seems as if the architecture and building sectors are slowly doing...

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San Francisco Classic Architecture+

  We recently finished a remodel in San Francisco and wanted to share the final product with you.  The clients...

Read More+ December 1, 2015
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Creativity: Against the Grain+

  Hudson – Against The Grain from Dropbear on Vimeo. In our post Thanksgiving sleepy internet trek, we stumbled across...

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    A project of ours is up for sale  – no, we don’t own it!  We understand that not...

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Three Collaborative Tools for Architects and their Clients+

      All kidding aside, we always encourage clients to collect images of spaces that reflect their sensibilities for...

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Four Takeaways from Modern Design Down Under+

   Here are the 4 Takeaways: Use the Sun, Natural Light + Frame the Views Employ Warm, Open and Flexible...

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I N S P I R A T ...+

Above photo by Patrick Smith: “Give me these hills and the friends I love.  I ask no other heaven.” ...

Read More+ November 12, 2014
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